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Why we need to ‘get a room’ in the workplace

If workplace digitalisation is robbing you of interpersonal connections, you need Laughter Yoga in the workplace.

Meet Singapore’s Joyologist Dr Yvonne Looi

Travelling to Singapore? Make sure to check out Joyologist Dr Yvonne Looi’s Laughter Yoga sessions: she’s growing a nation of Joy! Heather Joy finds out how…

Laugh Out Loud Alone!

Laughter is contagious when you laugh in a group but what do you do when you’re on your own? Here are Heather Joy’s fave 5 laughter exercises that she uses on her ownsome.

Rural women top up resilience through Laughter Yoga

While few of us have a sixth sense to foretell what the future holds, all of us have the ability to develop our resilience to change and difficulties. Heather Joy explains how Laughter Yoga can be added to your resilience tool kit.

A woman wearing low, on the hip jeans, places her hands on her abdomen to form a heart shape round her navel

Why low slung jeans are good for our health

The word, according to the Giggling Guru, Laughter Yoga founder Dr Madan Kataria, is that waisted skirts and belted trousers stop us from full diaphragmatic breathing.

Our promise!

Spreading wellness through laughter, seriously!


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It has been scientifically proven that 20 minutes of laughter reaps real physiological benefits.


“Our laughter leader training course was so well customised to the needs of our organisation and we received fabulous feedback from participants. Laughter yoga sessions are now on the calendar each week at our villages.”

— Jennie Hewitt, Positive Living Coordinator, Feros Care

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