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Three rashers of crispy bacon


Bacon poses a cancer risk. So too sausages. Watch out: toast may well be a health threat as well!

Our lives are battered, seemingly daily, with breakthrough news of what does us harm.

In October 2015, the World Health Organisation published a report on the dangers of eating processed.

Bacon, ham and sausages, it said, would pose as big a cancer risk as cigarettes!

One month later, Britain’s Food Standards Agency has warned that the humble crunchy slice of toast could carry high levels of a cancer-causing toxin, acrylamide.

It’s enough to transform our weekend breakfast forever.

But let’s get some perspective. How much would it take to be a killer? What the headlines don’t say is that a single rasher of bacon eaten once a week isn’t enough to be the sole contributing factor for cancer.

Nor was the slightly charred toast my dad scraped at as he concentrated on the weather forecast instead of the toaster on a Saturday morning.

Rather than get hung up about what could give you cancer – some say simply living is cause enough – think of what doesn’t.

Medical studies around the world have shown that just 10 minutes of hearty laughter can dramatically strengthen the immune system. I’m not talking about a little titter or chortle. The operative word is ‘hearty’. That’s where laughter yoga as a physical exercise comes in, triggering physiological and biochemical changes.

Thank goodness, laughter yoga does not cause cancer! My weekend laughter in the park routine can continue.

(c) Heather Grant-Campbell aka Heather Joy

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  1. Very excited to read about this positive new initiative Heather and look forward to being inspired and uplifted. Great to see you establishing your own voice 🙂

  2. Yes, indeed…everything in moderation, as they say. If we worried about all the things that “might” kill us, we’d be killing off our enjoyment of life. Love your blog, Heather Joy!

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