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Mary Poppins

Dull women have immaculate homes.

God blesses this kitchen but He doesn’t clean it.

A tidy house: a misspent life.

Such affirmations can be found littered throughout my home, littered being the operative word. While I really dislike clutter and mess, cleaning has not been my highest priority. As the acclaimed artist Margaret Olley was known to say:

Who wants to chase dust all their life? You can spend your whole lifetime cleaning the house. I like watching the patina grow.

Yes, I have to agree: the floor will only need sweeping again tomorrow, so why do it now when I could do something else, something important, like check my FB news feed…

This morning I set myself a little exercise. I served myself a ‘spoonful of sugar’ figuratively, and set to with the vacuum whistling Mary Poppins’ well-known song:  ‘For every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game…’

Not sure you remember it? Listen to this tune.

Then I began laughing instead of whistling to the tune as I washed the stack of plates and cutlery left in the kitchen sink, and continued on as I folded the laundry.

And guess what? Taking a joyful approach really did make the chores less mundane. They were done in a snap.

My house will never be immaculate. It’s very much lived in. And I’ll never be Mary ‘Practically Perfect in Every Way’ Poppins.  But I have a home that’s blessed with laughter.


(c) Heather Grant-Campbell aka Heather Joy

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