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Laughter yoga teacher Heather Joy takes part in a community laughter club session in Bangalore, India, March 2016

Strong supportive relationships are integral to wellbeing and happiness. I believe they are priceless; more valuable than money, job titles or any of the ‘stuff’ many of us think we need. Social laughter clubs form the heart and soul of Laughter Yoga.

Laughter clubs provide a network of healthy emotional relationships within a group of people who care about us and for whom we care too.

Laughter Yoga truly has created a happydemic: there are thousands of laughter clubs globally, in about 110 countries. In India, free social laughter clubs meet daily in public places.


I’m the Queensland representative for Laughter Yoga Australia and founding coordinator of The Gap Laughter Club, a social laughter club in suburban Brisbane. We call ourselves the Kookaburras because the treed surrounds are home to many of Australia’s native laughing bird.

The Gap Laughter Club meets on Saturday mornings at 9am at the Walton Bridge Reserve in Waterworks Road, The Gap. There’s ample car parking on both sides of the bridge or across in Glenaffric Street. It’s also on the 380 and 385 bus route: check Translink for details. Our social laughter club at The Gap goes for 40 minutes. The social side continues afterwards for those with time to catch a cuppa at a nearby café.

The Gap Laughter Club uses its Facebook  page for activity updates.

The Gap Laughter Club – fresh air, fun exercise and friendships.

Laughter clubs are not-for-profit, social, inclusive community laughter yoga sessions, exclusive of religious, political, racial or other divisive groups. There is no membership fee. A gold coin donation is requested from participants.

Use this link to find another Australian laughter club near you.

I’m passionate about growing laughter clubs across Queensland, and will travel to communities to train laughter leaders to run their own. Listen to the Cairns community’s response to in this radio segment. 



Our promise!

Spreading wellness through laughter, seriously!


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It has been scientifically proven that 20 minutes of laughter reaps real physiological benefits.


“Our laughter leader training course was so well customised to the needs of our organisation and we received fabulous feedback from participants. Laughter yoga sessions are now on the calendar each week at our villages.”

— Jennie Hewitt, Positive Living Coordinator, Feros Care

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