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Laughter yoga is a highly accessible form of wellness exercise proven to have physical, psychological and social benefits. This laughter therapy is adaptable to all abilities and ages. Listen as Heather Joy explains to Central Queensland radio.

Laughter yoga has nothing to do with stand-up comedy and it won’t have you tied up in knots.

Laughter Yoga combines simulated laughter exercises, gentle stretching, deep yogic breathing and playfulness.

Heather Joy from The Happydemic offers the following professional Laughter Yoga services—sessions, workshops, and presentations—as well as laughter leader training — for:



Healthy minds*

Conference icebreaker or reviver.

Read about Laughter Yoga’s origins. Download brochures offering:

Take a moment to read this testimonial from Anneke, the organiser of a women’s circle:

Our ladies range in age from 21 to 0ver 60 but age had no relevance. Heather Joy delivered a fun and relaxed session and I watched the stress of the day simply melt off my ladies’ faces. The joy that replaced it was invigorating. Heather Joy helped us find the little kid in ourselves and we gained new ideas for stress-busting and mood-boosting in our daily lives.  Today while driving I got caught behind a slow, inattentive tourist who I fear was a liability to all on the road. What was my first instinct? I laughed, I giggled and suddenly my frustration gave way to calm and confidence. Thank you Heather Joy.


* Minimum 8 for a group session.

Contact Heather Joy on 0412 742 593  or use the Contact Form to discuss your needs.

Our promise!

Spreading wellness through laughter, seriously!


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It has been scientifically proven that 20 minutes of laughter reaps real physiological benefits.


"Heather Joy’s laughter yoga session was the most fun I’ve had at work in a long time! It was great to do it as a group – a team building exercise in itself. I definitely got a dose of therapy and endorphins, a workout for my lungs, and came away with a new tool to de-stress at the end of a day."

- Suzie Christiansen, CEO, Anglicare Central Queensland, October 2016

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