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What scents create peace for you?

The salty air of the ocean does it for me. So too pungent eucalyptus: the fresh smell of Australian bush.

And let’s not forget freshly baked bread. Better still, before the bread’s baked—the feel and smell of the dough, kneading and pounding that yeasty blob into something smooth and pliant. Making bread from scratch was my ‘job’ on Sundays as a teenager: I’d set it to rise while we were at church so that it was ready for lunch.

Perhaps it was that tactile memory that saw me playing with the kids’ home-made play dough but now I have my very own grown-up play dough and it feels and smells sooo good.

It’s called Mohdoh. It’s like a stress ball that can be squeezed—only so much better because it combines 3 therapeutic elements: aromatherapy, play therapy and colour therapy.

  • As the dough is kneaded, essential oils are not only vaporised and inhaled but absorbed through the skin.
  • The squidgy feel of the dough is soothing too.
  • I’m told the colours were carefully selected to help balance energy centres. (My Mohdoh is yellow, to enhance alertness and creative thinking).

Different Mohdohs offer different outcomes—from travel sickness to cravings, colds to concentration.

As a professional laughter yoga practitioner, I love being in touch with my inner child. Laughter yoga coaxes playfulness that’s often suppressed in our busy serious lives. Alas, there are times when it is inappropriate to just laugh out loud. My little jar of Mohdoh is in my shoulder bag, waiting for when inspiration is called on, playfully.

(c) Heather Joy Campbell 2017

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