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I love Singapore, beautiful melting pot of cultures; an exciting fusion of East meets West.

Laughter yoga professional Dr Yvonne Looi is part of that happy place. In fact, she’s on a mission to grow Singapore into a Nation of Joy– and she welcomes visitors and newcomers (her Facebook details what’s on, where, including Laughter After Work held on a weekday evening outside the Asian Civilisation Museum by the CBD riverside and her Live Love Laugh Sunday program). I caught up with her recently to find out more.


When and how did you discover Laughter Yoga?

In early 2012, I was about to complete my PhD research in Biological Sciences and stumbled across a laughter yoga leader course, I thought it sounded like too much fun to miss!

I have always been blessed with a family who focuses on the beauty in life and are naturally attracted to all things positive and joyful. Many of my friends often asked me how to be happier and be joyful in their everyday. For many years I was unable to offer them much useful advice since it was something born within me. I have since learned: I am blessed to be able to share and spread the idea of laughter and joy to not only my own circle but to others in the community.

Singapore-2Is Laughter Yoga taken seriously in Singapore?

Laughter Yoga has certainly gained popularity and traction. Perhaps the people and companies are beginning to recognise the importance of everyday stress at the workplace and as individuals and are more open to natural therapy and preventive ways to heal and to bring more productivity and camaraderie at the workplace and joy to their life.

The majority of social laughter club participants are working adults (25 to 55 year olds) who are looking for a healthy and engaging way to relax, to feel good and to connect in a natural manner.

What do business clients like about Laughter Yoga?

Most companies in Singapore are taking to Laughter Yoga for great team bonding, stress management and a tool for wellness.

How do you see Singapore growing into a Nation of Joy?

Since 2012 I have run free social laughter clubs as part of my social initiative to spread joy and laughter on the island—as well as professional programs and workshops.

But I was aware of the limitations of being one individual. Hence returning to the source of laughter with Dr Kataria this past March and becoming certified as a Laughter Yoga Teacher. I have begun training my first group of leaders and I am excited to see the budding of more laughter clubs around the island!

When in Singapore, add this joyous treasure to your visit. Find out more about Dr Yvonne Looi, Joyologist.

(c) 2016 Heather Grant-Campbell aka Heather Joy

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It has been scientifically proven that 20 minutes of laughter reaps real physiological benefits.


“Our laughter leader training course was so well customised to the needs of our organisation and we received fabulous feedback from participants. Laughter yoga sessions are now on the calendar each week at our villages.”

— Jennie Hewitt, Positive Living Coordinator, Feros Care

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