Laughter yoga for workplace/corporate wellbeing — feel better, work smarter


If we feel good in our workplace—if we work well together in our workplace—that positivity is reflected in heightened performance, less absenteeism, lower staff turnover, more positive relationships with colleagues and ultimately better productivity.

How does your workplace rate for morale, team-work, productivity and efficiency?

What’s your absenteeism rate? What about presenteeism which costs even more than ‘sickies’?

Laughter Yoga is a proven tool helping business people reduce workplace stress and create happy and energetic workplaces.

Research into the benefits of workplace laughter yoga has proven that repeated sessions bring about very real physical benefits:

  • lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • lower heart rate
  • lower blood pressure.

Workers have felt less stressed, less depressed, more positive and more motivated.

The Happydemic’s Heather Joy Campbell brings tailored laughter wellbeing programs to workplaces in Queensland.

Explore the benefits of laughter yoga in your workplace

  • Cost-effective and fast-acting.
  • Reduces stress instantaneously—you feel the benefits from the very first session.
  • Scientifically proven with measurable results.
  • Easy to do—all abilities and ages can participate.

The Happydemic’s Heather Joy provides:

  • weekly 30-minute Laughter Yoga group sessions in Brisbane workplaces (terrific as a mid-working day pick-me-up, better than sugary snacks or the extra shot of caffeine!)
  • in-house workshops and seminars specifically tackling issues like stress-busting or team-building
  • professional development training day mini-peps, 15minutes of energising fun that creates connections, energises and helps reframe thinking
  • training of staff as Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders to run this wellbeing modality in your workplace.

Read 5 compelling reasons why workplaces that laugh enjoy better bottomlines.

 Heather Joy’s laughter yoga session was the most fun I’ve had at work in a long time! It was great to do it as a group – a teambuilding exercise in itself. I definitely got  a dose of therapy and endorphins, a  work-out for my lungs, and came away with a new tool to de-stress at the end of a day.

  • Suzie Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, Anglicare Central Queensland, October 2016. The Happydemic’s Heather Joy ran team-building specific workshops as part of Anglicare Central Queensland’s annual conference.

The Happydemic’s workplace participants learn the power of the breath, the laugh and the smile; how incorporating laughter into the day boosts mood, alertness, positivity and productivity.

Contact Heather Joy on 0412 742 593 or use the Contact Form to find out more.

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Spreading wellness through laughter, seriously!


January 2018
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It has been scientifically proven that 20 minutes of laughter reaps real physiological benefits.


“Our laughter leader training course was so well customised to the needs of our organisation and we received fabulous feedback from participants. Laughter yoga sessions are now on the calendar each week at our villages.”

— Jennie Hewitt, Positive Living Coordinator, Feros Care

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