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I didn’t want to be drawn into the flurry of comments about the despicable indiscriminate murders in Paris on November 13, 2015. I’m certainly with The Project’s Waleed Aly: giving them voice gives them power. Fear gives them strength.

But I feel compelled to share some wisdom from the father of laughter yoga, Dr Madan Kataria.

After the 2008 Mumbai bombings, Dr Kataria wrote that there were positives to come from terrorism.  Such incidents brought out the best qualities of compassion, generosity and kindness between strangers, he reminded us. Remember the moving scene of the pianist playing John Lennon’s Imagine outside the Bataclan theatre.

Crises bring people, and nations, together.

His words ring true now. The world does not need war. The world needs peace. It needs people to breathe – deeply.  I was too young to understand the ‘make love not war’ maxim back in the 1960s. I get it now.

I’m not advocating letting murderers off the hook. I say call them what they are: murderers. Don’t use euphemisms that’ll stroke their egos!

As Dr Kataria implored back in 2008, close your eyes, conjure up the images of those whose lives are lost through senseless violence, and breathe for them. Send out your energy through love.

Read Dr Kataria’s blog.

Enjoy the soundtrack of What the world needs now, breathe, visualise and send out your positive energy. Please.

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